Theming OpenAid

OpenAid 1.0

The OpenAid distro comes with the OpenAid theme, which integrates with the Color module and is responsive out of the box.

To customize the theme for your site's needs, it is suggested that you create a child theme based off of OpenAid.

The theme's settings and color picker are located at /admin/appearance/settings/openaid


NUCLEUS is a base theme first released with Drupal 7 by ThemeBrain. The goal of this base theme is to provide a solid foundation for web development geeks to develop a theme quick and easy. Having a fast learning curve is the inflection point for UX/UI designers, Back-End and Front-End Developers.

Currently, 9000 sites are using Nucleus.


Code Examples

Bootstrap Library Examples:

Kalatheme Subtheme Examples:

Sites using Kalatheme

Here are some examples of Kalatheme being used to rapidly build bootstrap driven subthemes:


Advertising -

Tulare County Federal Credit Union

Add a breakpoint group through the UI

This article is for Drupal 7.x. For Drupal 8.x see Working with breakpoints in Drupal 8.

The Breakpoints module allows you to group breakpoints together. This way other modules can use these groups. The Picture module, for example, allows you to select a breakpoint group when you select the Picture display formatter for a field. The formatter will determine the size of the image to display based on the breakpoints in the selected group.

Following these steps you can create your own groups:

Navigate to the breakpoints configurations page

Go to Configuration » Media » Breakpoints. You will notice you can add your own breakpoints on this page.
In stead, click on "Add a new group":

Configure the breakpoints group

Enter a name for the new breakpoints group and select the breakpoints to include in this group:

Save the form and your new group should show up at the top of the page. You should also see the breakpoints selected on the previous step in this group:


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