Working with Chaos Tool Suite (ctools)

The Chaos Tool Suite (ctools) is a series of tools that makes code readily available for developers and creates libraries for other modules to use. Modules that use ctools include Views and Panels.

Documentation Guidelines, Policies, and Standards

Part of the mission of the Documentation Working Group (DocWG) is to ensure that excellent documentation guidelines, policies, and standards are in place for Drupal Core and contributed projects (modules, themes, distributions).

We encourage all members of the Drupal community to contribute to documentation! See Community Documentation for more vital information.

Documentation Working Group Charter

Note: this is a copy of the charter document that will be updated regularly. For the latest version please read the actual DocWG charter as found in the governance git repository.

Agenda Module Documentation

This is a detailed instruction manual for using the Agenda module. The Agenda module allows you to display a list of upcoming events from Google Calendar as a block on your website.


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