YouTube Block

The YouTube Block module integrates with YouTube and creates a block containing your most recent YouTube posts.

Configure YouTube Account

Each YouTube channel has a unique feed URL. These are used to refer to the channel in certain apps and services. To find the feed URL for your channel, sign into Youtube and check your advanced account settings page. To do this, click here.

Individual Sidebar Content on each page

Hi Community,
I'm despairing with a drupal problem. I've got a client who was Typo3-user before and already hat experiences with that system. He wants to add different and individual sidebar content from page to page like he did in Typo3.
I don't have an idea how to realise that. Does anyone have an idea?


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Guidance on Block

So I have used blocks in the past for basic functionality but I am trying to make so that if a block is apply to a sidebar the main content allows for it to float right. I am using Bootstrap framework layout. So what I am really looking for, I believe, is a conditional statement saying "if the sidebar block is not null then change the content layout to 'div class="col-md-8" ' and display the sidebar as "div class="col-md-3" " and if null leave content div as col-md-12.

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Add fields to a block [D7]

This documentation is written for the 7.x-2.x version of Display Suite.

Display Suite allows you to put certain fields inside a region that will be rendered as a block. This can then be managed via the Drupal core block administration.

Display random block

This snipped can by added in any PHP-enabled block to display a randomly selected block. The list of the blocks you want to be enabled are defined in the $myblocks array.

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