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Minter helps companies and organisations to be successful online. Based on open source technologies we build websites, apps and use online marketing to achieve the best online result.

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The local rock-scene of the city of Irkutsk and region

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Pratham Software

Pratham Software

Established in the year 2000, PSI is a global software solutions provider delivering across various segments such as OPD, BPM, AMD, ISV, Web & Multimedia, Testing, and Consulting Services.

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My website is about actuality in music, movies, art etc ...

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Linked By Music - Social media for musicans

Building linked by music

Linked By Music is a startup from Finland aimed to create the best musicians platform for sharing and discussing music. Linked By Music also features a marketplace and a wanted board for musicians to trade equipment and join up with each other in groups.

The website is developed on Pantheon with 120 modules, redis + varnish cashing and expecting about 12000 users in its first month of opening. The website is launched in 5 different languages, english, finnish, russian, portugal and swedish.

We hope that drupal will work for them in this process for the long term.

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Musicians Institute

Problem: The Musicians Institute had a large website that was outdated, hard for the target audience to find content, and the design did more damage to the brand than good. Mobile users could not watch the videos or see content easily. Built on an old platform, the site was slow and difficult for the marketing team to maintain. solution Reviewing the analytics from the old site and creating user personas allowed Project6 to create an information architecture that appealed to each of the target audiences. The website design is clean, refreshing and easy to read (after years of struggling with white text on a black background). The website is built into the open-source Drupal content management system, which makes updates to the content easy. Also, the design is responsive- so the content and navigation adjusts appropriately based not on the device, but on the screen width. results The marketing department is empowered again with a design that clearly reflects their brand and is easy to maintain. Pulling video content from their YouTube channel, all content is now viewable on mobile devices. Search Engines love the site too, with targeted keywords in the architecture and URLs that are easy to bookmark and share.

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