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WebPurify module

WebPurify is a web service that efficiently filters profanity in any type of content and simplifies site moderation. You can integrate it with any internet application.
Profanity list updates automatically and includes obscenities in 15 languages. Moreover, users can create their own white- or black lists to allow certain words or block others.

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Decoupling Case Study by Axelerant is the global leader in online memorial content—a destination for over 40 million unique visitors each month from around the world.

Legacy was building a new Node and React platform and as a Quantcast Top 50 site, they required a powerful content management system to support the site's robust editorial section.

With the product ownership of Facet Interactive and delivery support from Axelerant Technologies, Legacy was launched on Drupal, a purpose-built platform offering superior authoring workflow and editorial layout control. This now enables Legacy’s multi-channel publishing across its global network of over 1,400 branded site instances.

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