Drupal 8 Video Embed Field: Defines a field type for embedding video

The Video Embed Field module allows you to create fields that contain embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo and show their thumbnail previews simply by entering the video's url.

It depends on the Field and the Field UI modules.

As with other fields a Video Embed field can be added to any bundle. This means you can add a Video Embed field to a user, a content type (news, event) or custom block.

Setting up remote debugging with PHPStorm and devwww

In order to run xdebug on our remote development servers, we need to do some configuration.

Debugging Web Requests:

First we need to configure .user.ini file in the htdocs directory. Apache will read this file and apply any changes it finds in there to the php invocation for web requests.


Debugging Drush Commands:

In order for drush to work with xdebug, we need to make the same settings changes to ~/.drush/drush.ini

HOWTO: Verify a site on Google Webmaster Tools

Step 1

Get your verification key from Google Webmaster Tools. Copy it to the window of an open text editor/

They should provide a snippet like this:

<meta name="google-site-verification" content="SNlLSJ84GNvBdmKvskwkzHAdGH0Vd0xINXcdjuwJJT4" />

Remove the tags, quote marks etc, so you end up with this:


Step 2

Make sure Metatag: Verification module is switched on - it installs with the main Metatag module.

Socrata how-to: Use an aggregate view to sum Seattle Building Permit values

In this Socrata module how-to we'll create an aggregate view to easily display a table of Seattle Building Permit dollar values by permit category.


Building a theme with FortyTwo

The FortyTwo theme is designed to be extended by a sub-theme. You shouldn't modify the any of the CSS or PHP files in the fortytwo/ folder; instead create a sub-theme which is located out side of the root fortytwo/ folder.

We tried to make the base theme as clean and simple as possible. It has some styling for basic input fields and buttons.

Drupal to Drupal Deployment

The main use case that people think of when using the Deploy module is Drupal to Drupal deployment. This is when you have one Drupal site and you're deploying content to another Drupal site.

These two Drupal sites could be two different sites that just share the same content, or they could be essentially the same site but separate staging and production environments.


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