Sharing your Virtual Machine to the World - Using Vagrant Share with VDD

One of Vagrant's most useful features is Vagrant Share. It let's you share the Vagrant Machine on your computer to the world via a temporary and unique URL that is generated on your free account at HashiCorp's Atlas. You could pass the URL to your customer, for example, to show them your progress on their web site without having the expense of setting up hosting.

Add a composer.json file to define your module as a PHP package

The wider PHP community uses Composer to manage packages, this is also done in Drupal, for example the Drupal project has a dependency on the "drupal/core" package. The "drupal/core" package has a type defined as "drupal-core" so composer knows what to do with it. The composer/installers library defines a number of Drupal types, these are:


Core Mentored Sprint Lead Roles

In addition to our awesome IRC mentors, there are several roles for mentors involved in the Core Mentored Sprint at DrupalCon and other events.

Sometimes more than one role has been performed by the same person.

Why get involved?

People around the world contribute to Drupal for all sorts of reasons:

Supported math functions

Built-in Functions

Math Field math expressions support all the basic math operators including addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (*), division (/), and exponents (^).

Math Field supports a number of additional functions including:

Rounding functions
ceil(), floor(), min(), max(), round()

Advanced functions
pow(), exp(), sqrt(), abs(), ln(), log(), time()


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