Core Mentored Sprint Mentor Lead Roles

In addition to our awesome IRC mentors, there are several roles for mentors involved in Core Mentored Sprint.

Sometimes more than one role has been performed by the same person.

Core Mentored Sprint and Planning Lead

Core Mentored Sprint and Planning Lead's objective is to assemble a team of awesome people to lead the things. They are a mentor to mentors and coordinate others in efforts to make the Core Mentored Sprint a great experience to sprint participants and mentors alike.

Things that Core Mentored Sprint and Planning Lead does:

Why get involved?

People around the world contribute to Drupal for all sorts of reasons:

Supported math functions

Built-in Functions

Math Field math expressions support all the basic math operators including addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (*), division (/), and exponents (^).

Math Field supports a number of additional functions including:

Rounding functions
ceil(), floor(), min(), max(), round()

Advanced functions
pow(), exp(), sqrt(), abs(), ln(), log(), time()

Math Field

The Math Field module defines a new field type to dynamically calculate values on entity forms. Math Field is an alternative to Computed Field that does not require the use of PHP Filter.


Download, install, and enable the cTools and Math Field modules.

TFA plugins and plugin development

TFA plugins provide the form and validation handling for 2nd factor
authentication of a user. The TFA module will interrupt a successful username and password authentication and begin the TFA process (see Configuration for exceptions to this statement), passing off the form control and validation to the active plugin.


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