Manage Breadcrumbs In Your Module


In this tutorial we will go through how to set breadcrumbs in your Drupal 8 module. In Drupal 7 we were using drupal_set_breadcrumb(). In Drupal 8 drupal_set_breadcrumb() is removed and breadcrumbs are managed using the Breadcrumb service. There are only a few steps to do this:

  • Declare your service
  • Define a class implementing BreadcrumbBuilderInterface

This tutorial assumes that you have a working Drupal 8 module.

Webform Submission Tokens

Webform exposes a number of tokens for the submission "just made" so that details of this submission can be accessed. i.e., You may rename a file that is being uploaded on a submission using another field, or fields, on the same submission for the filename.

Use case: Public space, public section and write permission via group membership


Public space with a public Discussion section.
Configure write permission managed via Group membership and not via direct space membership.

Video Embed Field module overview

The Video Embed Field module allows you to create fields that contain embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo and show their thumbnail previews simply by entering the video's url.

It depends on the Field and the Field UI modules.

As with other fields a Video Embed field can be added to any bundle. This means you can add a Video Embed field to a user, a content type (news, event) or custom block.

Socrata how-to: Use an aggregate view to sum Seattle Building Permit values

In this Socrata module how-to we'll create an aggregate view to easily display a table of Seattle Building Permit dollar values by permit category.

Entity Pilot - content staging for Drupal 8


  • Download and extract the module
  • Add the php-encryption library using composer or Composer manager.
    • For composer - from your Drupal installation directory run composer require "defuse/php-encryption:~1.2.
    • For Composer manager, refer to its documentation

Getting started


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