Automated Cron

Drupal 8 provides an Automated Cron module.

We can find this core module at: core/modules/automated_cron.

Compared to Drupal 7

Drupal 7 already had an "automated cron system", but Drupal 8 moved it into a separate module to allow sites that don't use it at all not have any overhead from it.

See also

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Add a composer.json file

A composer.json file should be added to your module to define the project itself. You may also define external dependencies for your module in composer.json.

Core Mentored Sprint Lead Roles

In addition to our awesome IRC mentors, there are several roles for mentors involved in the Core Mentored Sprint at DrupalCon and other events.

Sometimes more than one role has been performed by the same person.

Why get involved?

People around the world contribute to Drupal for all sorts of reasons:


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