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Zupport module for zoundation theme. This module is designed to work with zoundation and sub-themes of zoundation. It may work with other themes, but no guarantee is made in this regard.

  • Zoundation Support:
    • This module checks to ensure that jquery_update >= 2.3 is installed and configured to use
      at least jquery 1.7. This is required for proper functioning of foundations javascript add-ons. Note that other modules have issues with jquery 1.7 most notably Views UI. You may experience odd behavior in other parts of drupal so be mindful that it may be a conflict with the jquery version.
    • Custom menu builder functions and blocks to create appropriate block menu content for foundation navbar and topbar custom regions.
    • Better placeholder integration for elements module. If the elements module is available this will add additional field configuration to provide placeholder text on form elements.
    • Additional minor UI improvements that cannot easily be accomplished in the zoundation theme.
  • Zoundation Orbit: Custom field formatter for orbit slideshow v3 integration this also works on non-images for slideshows with markup.
  • Zoundation Clearing: Custom field formatter for clearing v3 integration.
  • Zoundation Views: Views style formatter for Foundation Block-grids v3 this allows a responsive grid layout with configurable grid size for mobile and non-mobile display.
  • Zoundation Buttons (4.x only):Buttons API for using foundation's dropdown buttons. This provides several theme functions for using dropdown buttons. It is assumed that the theme will provide foundation.dropdown.js. See the included README.txt for details on usage.

The 1.x branch of zoundation_support provides support for Zurb Foundation 3.x external links are indicated as "v3". All other links are for current documentation (currently Zurb Foundation 4.x)

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