ZipCart provides a means to download many files at once. Users may select multiple files for download (adding files to a "cart"), then fetch them all as a single bundled Zip archive.


Please read the README.txt in the module directory.


  • Adds a block which provides a link to the user's download cart.
  • Checks file access against both hook_file_download() (so existing modules can restrict file access via Zip download).
  • Provides custom hook_filterzip() with which you can add additional download restrictions or additions (eg, always include README.txt in the Zip).
  • Prevents download of files outside site's default files folder.
  • Cool JS animations if JS is enabled to see the downloaded item zoom to the cart.
  • Works without JS enabled too, just no animations or AJAX-y clicks.


PHP5 is required to use ZipArchive class, which is currently the only implemented Zip method.

Known problems / How can you help?

  • More Zip or bundling methods could be implemented, eg other PHP Zip implementations, RAR, tgz etc.
  • Testing and feedback!
  • #949196: Request for review & module security feedback requested feedback on this module from a security standpoint. Feel free to post your worst case scenarios there!
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