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Our goal was to develop a theme with the following features:
- Wide range of borwser compatibility, because a part of the themes only support css compliant browsers.
- A javascript free solution, as some themes causes to freeze the browsers (and the OS in the case of Windows), mainly IE but in some cases firefox.
- Completely fluid layout not only for the main content, but also for the sidebar and the header. Most of the themes offers an easy fixed layout solution, so in the case of high screen resulution and widescreen monitors, one can see ugly empty margins. They are mostly optimized for the resolution of 1024x768. The fluid sidebar is very rare amoung the themes, and only offers solution for the right sidebar. (It is the easier task.)
- The fluid layout for the header is only a designer's task. The two subthemes (zero Lime and zero Lime Panorama) demonstrate two solutions for this problem.

This theme was originally developed for the website.

Two column fluid layout theme with wide range browser compatibilityzerolime_areas
It is a javascript free solution except IE.
Rotated background images.
engine: phptemplate
version 6.9

Six regions:
Header: menubar (plus logo and mission)
Main: sidebar left, featured (content), content
Footer: Footer left, Footer middle, Footer right, Footer bottom

Compatible with: IE6, 7 and 8, Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Safari

Description: zero Lime is a completely fluid theme with a Compact Lime inspired color scheme. The price of this completely fluid behavior is the only sidebar. This is a lightweighted theme with minimal php code and it is javascript free for all of the css compliant browsers. The rounded cornels are css based for Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Safari. It works from screen resolution of 800x600 (to infinite). It contains minimal css corrections for IE6 and 7.

Further features:
Trendy css based comment bubble for css compliant browsers.
Image rotator for the header.
A subtheme, named zero Lime Panorama, is enclosed for panorama images (or for any images with seamless edges). This subteme repeats the background image in the horizontal direction. The base theme, zero Lime requires images with right-side edge gradient to green color. If you have a botanical garden, you are lucky, othervise you must replace the example images in the banners folder. Choose images fit to your website, and create banner images with merged edges! Please, visit the documentation website for instructions!

Important note:
This package of zero Lime will not display rounded corners for IE. Download the DD_roundies_0.0.2a.js file, and copy it to the zerolime directory or if it is not available, download the full package from the zero Lime demo site,

About the development version, 6.x-1.x-dev

A header block region is inserted only for search box.

Istall the module custom search,, and set the permissions for all of the users! Set block title to "none" at admin/build/block/configure/search/0, and uncheck Display label at admin/settings/custom_search!

Don't forget, the header region has been tested only for the search block. Other blocks will behave strange. Please, do not report bugs if the header region used for other blocks, as it is under development.

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