This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Provides Drupal YUI form elements, which you can use directly into your forms definition without calling any functions or writing any line of Javascript.


This module won't be maintained anymore, except in case of serious bug report. If you are looking for some nice form elements, I'd advice you to look at jQuery UI module for Drupal 6.


  • Relies on YUI module for general YUI code
  • Full usage of Drupal's API and hooks for cleaner and faster code
  • Contextual jQuery Javascript, which play nicely when using multiple widget instances
  • Play nicely with AJAX, using clean Drupal.behaviors contextual Javascript code
  • AHAH integration with calendar widget (on 'change' event only)
  • Easy to use, some samples are provided in Drupal's modules administration pages

Provided elements

It currently provides two elements:

  • YUI Calendar (inline or drop-down)
  • YUI Slider (only horizontal one at the moment)

Project information