The Yelp (formally 'Yelp Search Results') package contains two modules which allow for searching and displaying business results from Yelp, using the Yelp API.

Yelp API

The Yelp API module provides the necessary functions and hooks to query the Yelp API and return results. It does not display results on its own, merely provides a framework for fetching, caching and returning results. To use the Yelp API (and any modules that depend on it) you will need to obtain API keys.

The Yelp API module provides form fields which other modules can add to custom forms to define search parameters. When implemented the Yelp API form fields support tokens and can use the addressfield module for location data (The addressfield module must be patched).

Checkout the 'yelp_api/API.txt' for information on how to use the Yelp API module with your module. Checkout the 'yelp_api/' for information on provided hooks.

Yelp Blocks

The Yelp Blocks module provides custom blocks to display Yelp API search results. The Yelp Blocks module depends on the Yelp API module and uses the Yelp API form fields for it's block configuration form (thus Yelp blocks supports tokens and addressfield).

The Yelp Blocks module supports features for exporting/importing blocks and their results.

All Yelp blocks and their results are completely themeable. See comments in 'yelp-block-business.tpl.php' and 'yelp-block-search-results.tpl.php' for available variables and template naming suggestions.

Yelp 7.x-1.0

The 7.x-1.0 version was a direct port of the Yelp 6.x-1.1 version for Drupal 7. (Thanks to jeffschuler for the port). It is no longer supported and any Drupal 7 projects should use the 7.x-2.0 version. Because of the re-architecture of the Yelp module, there is no upgrade path from 7.x-1.x to 7.x-2.x

Yelp 6.x-1.1

The 6.x-1.1 version is for Drupal 6, and is no longer under active development. The Yelp API and Yelp Blocks modules are not separated.

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