This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module is a small utility we created while working on to allow us to easily parse non-standard XML documents (the sort we were getting) in to a PHP array so we could then manipulate the data more easily.

Thanks to tayzlor for laying the ground-work for this module (discovering the class, etc.) - I just wrapped it in some PHP functions to make it more usable within Drupal.

Drupal 7

At this time I am not really intending to roll a D7 release of this module, because Feeds + XPath is probably flexible enough to achieve what XML Parser achieves, and muddying the waters with further modules achieving the same functionality is not generally helpful for the community. I remain open-minded about this, and there is a preliminary D7 patch here:
#953930: Port the XML Parser module to D7

Please raise any thoughts/concerns in that issue.


We cannot remember exactly where the original class enclosed within the module came from, as it was some time ago and we can't find it any more. Licensing issues regarding this module and the Drupal license have already been discussed within the community. At the moment we are assuming the license permits inclusion in the Drupal repository (or there is no license) so this module will continue to exist. If you can show the code contained within this module is *not* GPL, please re-open this issue:

#711678: Review "XML Parser" project for licensing issues

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