This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

xEditor is a Drupal distribution created to make content management easier, more fun, and more efficient than ever.

xEditor is similar to Spark distribution that aims to work out as a solution to authoring experience problems in the field and apply to latest development versions of Drupal.

The idea of xEditor is heavily inspired by Barley, a commercial solution by Plain.


  1. An in-place content editor that allows you to edit nodes in-place on the page
  2. Node Revision
  3. Pathauto
  4. Draggable Views Fields
  5. Configurable CCK field
  6. Automatic file upload
  7. Customizable page layout
  8. Sticky user navigation menu
  9. A responsive toolbar that works well on mobile devices
  10. A mobile device preview tool
  11. Back to top button

Please check out the demo.
Username: demo
Password: demo

xEditor development is sponsored by X-Team. For more information about X-Team,

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