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The Word Link module allows you to automatically convert specific words into links. It works as text filter.
This can be useful for crossposting your site's pages, or for the contextual advertising of your partners (SEO).


  • Convert word in content with a link or just wrap it in with class.
  • Can set on which content type it will be affected.
  • Can set a list of HTML tags that will be ignored.
  • Can specify case sensitivity.
  • Can set a path on which words will not be converted or path only on which it will be converted.
  • Works for Cyrillic (PCRE 8.10 or higher).
  • Import words from taxonomy terms.
  • Import words from CSV file.
  • Export words to CSV file.
  • Bulk delete operation.
  • Sortable tableselect with pager.

Differences in versions:

7.x-2.x - became input filter. Enable it in your input text format here admin/config/content/formats.
7.x-1.x - not supported.

Need to know:

Word Link module uses DOMDocument class that build in PHP from version 5. And for loading HTML it uses loadHTML method. This means that your HTML text does not have to be well-formed, but if it is not, it can cause errors, especially when using deprecated tags or HTML 5 tags. So it’s better that your text meet the requirements of XHTML 1.0.

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