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word2web is currently unmaintained and is looking for a new maintainer. contact tmcw if you're interested in helping out with development

word2web is part of a new, streamlined workflow for organizations which rely on Microsoft Word documents and manage large reports. This module allows users to upload Word's "Save as HTML..." markup and have that input cleaned and reformatted into HTML in a node's body field. In conjunction with the xslt_book module, people using a consistent format for Word documents can view them with friendly navigation, much like a book node.

If the CCK module and ImageField module are enabled, word2web can also provide an interface to upload images inserted in Word into a Drupal node.

Download the Latest Release Here

Quick FAQ

  • What files does word2web parse?: word2web works with the HTML output of Microsoft Word, generated by the Save as HTML... menu under the file menu. It has worked with the Mac & Windows versions of Word XP and 2007.
  • Does / will word2web parse binary word files (.doc files)? No - the binary output of word is notoriously difficult to parse, and a PHP library to do this for the various versions of Word is far beyond the scope of a Drupal module. Patches are welcome.
  • What formatting is maintained?: currently, we maintain links, headers, italic and bold text.

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