This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module integrates the Windows Live Messenger service in Drupal. By creating profiles, you can add blocks to your website so visitors can chat live with you.

To get Live Invitee ID, follow next steps.

  • Open your Web browser, and navigate to:
  • Select the Allow websites to see your Messenger status and send you messages check box and click SaveThis will let other users see your Messenger status and send you messages.
  • Under Web Settings, click Create HTML.
  • Copy the text string between invitee= & @apps.messenger...
  • Use this string in the administration add profile form of this module

This module was created by, Adub and Microsoft.

UPDATE 17/05/10
I have taken over maintainership of this project and made some fixes to clear the issue queue. Please test and report back. If anyone is interested in becoming a co-maintainer, please feel free to post a request in the issue queue.

This project is now included in the Project DaNGO package.

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