Welcome to WIM, the (core) website collaboration of Dimpact

WIM is a free reusable website model designed by and for local government and municipalities. With WIM each municipality can have a great online presence; quickly and at minimal cost. The WIM sites are a cooperative initiatives of the Cooperative Association Dimpact from The Netherlands. Our goal is to achieve a modern integrated public service. We do this in partnership to encourage the reuse of technology, knowledge and resources between municipalities.

Currently 18 municipalities make use of the WIM standard. We are currently in the process of migration all websites to this new distribution called WIM 2.0.

Some websites currently live on the WIM distribution: Coevorden, Oost Gelre, Oldambt, Emmen and more!


Currently development continues at GitHub, https://github.com/WebsiteIntranetModel/wim. Here you can also find instructions how to install the distribution using the provided Docker image.

We will regularly update the releases on Drupal.org with added functionality and fixes.

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