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Enables privileged users to lookup Whois information of domain names or IP addresses. Features include AJAXified results, hourly threshold, watchdog logging, and style of whois output.

Requires GPL licensed phpWhois library for whois servers list, and querying. Whois lookup form is available at ?q=whois. Alternatively, accessing ?q=whois/example.com will return Whois information for example.com


  • Follow: http://drupal.org/documentation/install/modules-themes
  • Download the latest phpWhois package (tested with 4.2.x) .
  • Extract the phpWhois library into a sub-directory of the whois module, it should be called 'phpwhois'. (From 7.x-1.1 the Libraries API is supported, sites/.../libraries/ is then preferred)
  • Configure the Whois module at /admin/settings/whois.
  • Your module is now setup and ready to be used at /whois.
  • For extra security, remove the example* and testsuite.php files from the phpwhois library folder.


Original author: Gurpartap Singh
Current maintainer: Helmo Flattr this project

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