"What's New" is a light-weight pair of modules for allowing a single Drupal installation to monitor available updates across multiple Drupal sites.

The base "What's New" module creates a secure end-point to which a third party service can pull down a feed of which projects / modules are installed on the site. This feed is intentionally minimalist, containing just what's required to facilitate the dashboard functionality.

The "What's New Dashboard" sub-module (Drupal 8.x only) is a functional (albeit crude right now) dashboard that can securely hooked up to any site running the base module. Offering at a glance, an overview of which modules are installed on which sites, alongside security advisory information.

Future plans are

  • Expand the dashboard functionality with filters and improved UX.
  • Implement caching and cron tasks to reduce initial dashboard load times.
  • Port the base module to other CMS platforms.

Project information