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Note: WF Tools has migrated to github. Releases will still be handled here, but issues are tracked using the github bug tracker. The source of truth for code is github.

WF Tools is a collection of Drupal modules for building a WF management node. The management node is standalone Drupal site that is responsible for coordinating deployments of code, content and config in a coordinated way between multiple environments.


WF Tools consists of the following modules:


The base configuration feature for WF.

WF Environment

Entity module for managing the individual environments for the site. The wf_environment_generic module is a feature which contains the recommended configuration for WF Environment.

WF Job

Each change for the site is handled in a job which tracks the content, code and config (in code as features). wf_job_generic is a feature with a working configuration.

WF Jenkins

Jenkins module for WF that contains many of the jenkins rules pre configured.

WF Git

Git repository configuration for WF.


Configuration of SSH key management to ensure SSH keys are properly synced.

WF Storage

Simple persistent key/value storage system.

WF User

Contains the roles and basic permissions required for a functioning WF management node.


It is recommended to use the WF Example installation profile to install the WF Tools. Additional steps are required to build a complete management node.


WF Tools is developed by Dave Hall Consulting.

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