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Web Engagement Management


Web Experience Management

Posted by the venerable donutdan4114 on October 1, 2012 at 1:53pm

*we are in active development of this module

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What is web engagement management? Well, in simple terms, it's a methodology to increase user engagement on your site.

The WEM module provides a host of tools for you to segment content, and deliver a richer user experience.

The most familiar type of WEM is in advertising. If you have ever seen ads on a web page that strike your fancy, that is WEM. They are trying to increase your ad engagement by showing you content that you should be interested in.

The WEM module has 3 basic pieces.

  • Event tracking - This is similar to Google Analytics in that you can track any type of event on your site. By default, the system will track page views, logins, and new user accounts. You can easily create custom events with one line of PHP or JS code.
  • Reporting - The reporting page allows you to view events on the site, as well as see what user segments are doing what.
  • Segmentation - This is the biggest piece of WEM; the ability to segment users based on the events that they do. Creating user segments is extremely easy. You can create an unlimited number of segments, and users can have multiple.

*this module is under development, images and tutorials coming soon...

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