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The Menu Block module probably does a very similar job to this module and more. Also Local menu.

This module is discontinued. Where's the delete button, Dries?

For a web page broken up into sections this module dynamically provides a menu block with links to pages that belong to that section and a breadcrumb that displays the current location. This module is for sites where not all the pages in a section are included in the menu (so you are not able to use the active trail) but you still want to have a relevant breadcrumb and or menu of nodes in that section. Use this module instead of creating custom menu systems for each section and then having to enter and maintain the links that belong in each.

AN EXAMPLE. Your site has the following structure. (The items below are not necessarily nodes but they could be)

|                                                                           |
staff                                                                  Information
|                                                                           |
----------------           -------------------------------------------------
|                     |          |                                               |                   |
web      marketing      mission statement                   location          history

For the above you set up a Page Structure taxonomy that corresponds with this structure. The only item actually on your main menu might be 'about'. Using the module you can organize your nodes to display dynamically according to locations within this structure, so that on the about web page, all nodes that you have selected to include on this section will be displayed as links in a Drupal block which you can place wherever you like. In addition the module will produce a breadcrumb which you can turn on or off in admin settings, which on the staff web node would appear as follows:

about > staff > web > [staff-name]

where [staff-name] is a node created in this section.

Please read the readme.txt for instructions.

The menu created by this module consists of nested lists.

TODO: create a theme function.

Module sponsored by Roughneckgraphics and Procab Studio

There is a good implementation of this module here. Note the nested menu on the left.

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