This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

WebID is an open standard for identity and password-less login on the Web. WebID is designed to help alleviate the difficulty that remembering different logins, passwords and settings for websites has created. It is also designed to provide a universal and extensible mechanism to express public and private information about identity online.


This project includes the features described below.

WebID provider

This module can provide Drupal users a WebID, that is a URI at which information about the user is available (name, email, etc.) as well as a browser certificate which can be used to authenticate on any WebID enabled site.

WebID authentication

This module lets people sign on Drupal using their WebID. If they don't have an existing account, a new account can be created for them automatically. If they already have an account associated with their WebID, they will be logged in without having to enter any password.


Watch this screencast to learn about WebID and see it in action. The screencast shows various ways of using WebID on Drupal and other platforms.

Dependencies and Download

The WebID module for Drupal requires the following third party libraries:
- libAuthentication
- ARC2
- Graphite
You can follow the instructions of INSTALL.txt to know where to download them.

Alternatively you can download the Drupal+WebID distribution which already includes all the third party libraries at the right locations.


This project includes code contributions from Stéphane scor Corlosquet, Lazaros larjohn Ioannidis, Charalampos cbratsas Bratsas, and Dimitris dimitris.spachos Spachos.

Project information

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