This project is a result of this thread:

It is NOT the same as the Webform UUID Submission module which deals with submissions rather than the webform itself such as this module.

This module has been tested and confirmed to work on both the 3.x and 4.x branches of Webforms.

This module replaces the NID on webforms with a UUID instead so that you can access a webform via its UUID rather than NID which could be different across dev, staging, production sites. This is extremely useful for exporting a webform via Features, Feeds, etc so that you can import them into another Drupal install and not have to worry about breaking things such as hook_form_alter. Normally a webform can only be altered by using it's NID with hook_form_alter. But now that you can use a UUID instead, that ID will work just fine across multiple servers and the NID itself will not matter. The webform will technically still have a NID, but for all intents and purposes, you wont need it. You can also do theming based on the UUID as well. Docs on how to do all this are coming.

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