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This module makes a "Same As" component available for use on your webforms. This component allows you to add a "Same as" checkbox to a form allowing you to indicates that one set of fields should have the same value as another set of fields. For example, if you had fields for both a Billing and Shipping address on your webform, you could add the Same As component to allow users to only fill out their billing address if their shipping address is the same.

Component Features

  • Allows either Hiding or Disabling the target fields when the same-as checkbox is checked.
  • Copies the data from the source fields to the target fields during the form submission so that both sets of fields are populated with the same information.
  • Will allow mapping multiple field pairs in the future (current version only allows 1 mapping)

Limitations of current implementation

  • You can only copy values between 1 pair of fields.
  • There is no validation to ensure that the source and destination fields are the same type. Make sure you are not trying to copy data from components of different types.
  • Source and target fields must be on the same page of a multi-page webform.
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