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Webform Roster example

Webform Roster allows you to attach a "roster" webform to a primary webform. The roster's link can be emailed to users that complete the primary webform. All results from the roster are displayed on the primary webform's original submission.

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An example

Primary Webform: "Team Application"
Your Name: [ ]
Your Email Address: [ ]
Your Team's Name: [ ]

Roster Webform: "Team Roster"
Player Name: [ ]
Liability Waiver: [ ] I agree to the liability waiver.

When a parent or coach fills out the Team Application, they receive a typical "thanks for your response" email which also includes a link to the Team Roster. This email, in this scenario, would be forwarded by the coach to all of the team's players. Each player will now add themselves to the original application, because all of these submissions will be attached to the original submission. When viewing the original submission, you'll now see something like the screenshot above.



  • Enable the module
  • Create your "roster" webform. This can consist of any webform using whatever components you wish.
  • Create a new "primary" webform. Under the Email tab you can pick a webform to use as the roster.
  • You should also use the token %roster_link in the email message that the user will receive when they fill out the primary form.
  • The %roster_link will include the original submission id so that when a user visits the new form, their submission will be attached to the original submission. Hence, viewing the original submission from an admin perspective will show all "roster" submissions in a tabular view at the bottom of the $content output.

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