Webform Revisions screenshot

This module gives basic revisioning functionality to Webform submissions. It is designed to look and function similarly to Drupal core's revisioning system.


  • View, Revert, and Delete revisions of Webform submissions.
  • Leave log comments per-revision (except for the initial submission).
  • Resend email to recipients upon revision - requires Webform 3.x or later.

This module can be very useful if you wish to track edits to a submission.


  • Webform - either the 2.x or 3.x branches are compatible with 7.x-1.x branch, though the 3.x branch is recommended.
  • Use 7.x-2.x branch with Webform 4


  • Unpack Webform Revisions under your /modules/ directory.
  • Visit example.com/admin/build/modules and enable.
  • Remember to configure permissions, if you want anyone but admin to be able to see revisions!
  • Visit example.com/admin/settings/webform-revisions to configure email settings.
  • To use, submit a Webform. Then, view the results. Pick your submission and edit it, change something, and submit again. You will notice a new "revisions" tab at the top of the screen. Click that to see past revisions.

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