With this module you can set a webform component to display in a separated block. If you have a webform with many components, you can choose some, and put them into a block per webform. These blocks have separate forms, not real webforms, so when they are submitted, the user will be redirected to the webform node, and the filled fields will be prepopulated.


When you edit a component on node/[nid]/webform/components/[cid] page, simply check the "Add to prepopulate block" option in the display section and add default value: %get[[field-key]] to the component. Detailed instruction on prepopulating a field: http://drupal.org/node/296453 - No more need this, default values is forced, when user comes from a prepopulate block.


The branches if this module track the webform core versions. The actual (7.x-3-x) is made for webform-7.x-3.18

Developed for Airport Parking Center, sponsored by Macroweb Internet Consulting (hu).

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