Webform pager on node
Administrator settings for webform pager

The 7.x-4.x version of webform now has a build in progress bar, only use this module when using earlier versions of webform.

This module shows a pager in webform nodes. It is possible to use a simple 'Page x of x' pager, with or without a percentage.

It is also possible to show a 'progress bar' with a trail of the pages already filled in and the ones still coming.


  • Simple pager ('Page x of x')
  • Show percentages ('XX%')
  • Page slider with usefull tooltips

For creating the progress bar this module uses the Label (Name) of the pagebreak component for showing a page title. A custom field 'Page description' wil be added to the pagebreak component for displaying a usefull tooltip to users when hovering a page name.

The last page title is composed from the value of the Webform Submit button.


Known problems

  • No known problems yet, found one? Please create an issue!

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