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Adds a new "Options with Markup" component to Webforms which allow you to create Radio Button/Checkbox lists which contain both a label and a description for each radio button/checkbox. Additionally the label and description can contain HTML formatting.

Version Requirements

  • The 1.x branch works with Webform 3.x
  • The 2.x branch works with Webform 4.x

Misc Notes

  • This module runs the entered HTML through the Filtered HTML text format by default. You can select a different text format to filter the HTML with from the Webform Settings page.
  • The allowed HTML in the label title is limited to the tags defined in filter_xss_admin unless you override theme_form_element_label
  • This module defaults to using the Filtered HTML text format, however that format can cause your select option labels to be wrapped with an extra <p> tag which can cause some display issues. It's recommended that you create a separate text format for use by this module. See the readme file for more info.
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