A webform with Webform Hints enabled.

This module allows users to enable automatic placeholders to textfields, textareas, select lists, and email fields within a webform created by the Webform module.

The placeholders provided by Webform Hints use the component's title and are applied on a per-webform basis. When the HTML5 placeholder attribute isn't available, this module grants optional legacy browser support using a jQuery Plugin fallback. Label elements are then hidden via .element-invisible to keep them available to screen readers. Required indications are also present, configurable, and translatable.

Webform Hints now allows allow other modules to provide hints for custom webform components! Form elements already altered by Webform Hints can also be customized!

Webform Hints & Webform 4.x

The 4.x branch of Webform now includes support for customizable placeholders on a per field basis. Webform Hints may still be useful in the following situations:

  • jQuery Fallback Support: Provide support for legacy browsers that don't support the placeholder attribute.
  • Blanket placeholders: Admins who don't want to configure placeholders on each field but want blanket placeholder support (Webform Hints simply takes the field label and adds it as a placeholder, hiding the label all together).
  • Webform 3.x and below: Sites still using Webform 3.x and below who'd like to add placeholder support to their webforms.


After creating your webform, visit the Webform Hints administration panel to enable the Webform Hints functionality on the nodes of your choosing.

  • Drupal 7: admin/config/content/webform-hints
  • Drupal 6: admin/settings/webform-hints

Webform Hints is maintained by Chromatic.

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