With this module you can easily create a lot of nodes with same webform fields. It can be applicable in case of job vacancies with reply form, kind of quality feedback control or whatever your mind suggests you.

Because you can create more than one webform-enabled content types, you respectively can attach different default fields for each of them.


This module totally depends on Webform module

Versions Explanation:

  • Webform Default Fields 7.x-4.x is compatible with the new webform 7.x-4.x version.
  • Webform Default Fields 7.x-3.x is compatible with the older webform 7.x-3.x version.
  • Webform Default Fields 6.x-1.x is compatible with the older webform 6.x-3.x version.

Please read the Documentation page to get instructions about installation and usage.

Created by ADCI solutions team

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