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Webform 3.0 Obsoletes this module and is not compatible in any way.

The Webform Associate module is designed to allow attaching webforms to particular node types. The example would be event registration. Event node types might need starting and ending dates, descriptions, etc. With Webform Associate a new webform node is automatically created, and the webform itself is appended to the bottom of the event node.

This module is probably 97% operational at this point, there are still a couple of rough edges here and there, but I think with very little tweaking this could all be hammered out and I would really love some feedback from the community at large. Improvements and patches accepted. I have a checkout module for associated webforms in the pipe as well. It's maybe at the 30% mark and will be dependent upon this module. I hope to publish that shortly for feedback/patches as well.

Also, a great big "Thank you" to quicksketch for all his help making this module possible, most of what I learned, and a lot of the brilliant parts where his teaching at work. And to pwolanin for some menu tweaks. You guys are the best!

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