This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This very simple, lightweight module gives the creator of a webform the option to make the submission results anonymous, by hiding the username and IP of all the users who submitted the webform.


It adds a simple Yes/No question in the webform form settings to "Anonymize results." It also adds a checkbox to permanently lock the results in an anonymous state, so that it would be impossible for anyone to see who used a webform.


Warning: Webform 4.x now integrates with views for its submissions table and is thus incompatible with this module. The new views integration can be disabled as described in the webform release notes, but a better, more future-proof solution is outlined here.

The module is completely compatible with webform 3.x. It only anonymizes the user ID and IP when the submission results are displayed. (This means webform can still restrict users who have already submitted the form, etc.)

Installation & Configuration

  • Install and enable this module as you would any other module.
  • Configure each of your webforms by clicking the Webform tab and going into the Form settings. Then scroll down to "Anonymize results".

This module would be useful for organizations who hold online voting, where the ballot guarantees anonymity.

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