This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.


This module provides an alternate user interface for the Webform module, allowing you to create and edit webforms from within a slick, easy-to-use form building tool. It is heavily based off the excellent Form Builder project (which also provides its own Webform integration), but this module contains a number of additional features and a different interaction pattern.

This module was contributed by Acquia and is currently maintained (collectively) by the Acquia design and engineering teams. It is used in Drupal Gardens.

For more information, see the Drupal Gardens announcement or Dries Buytaert's blog post.


  • Create webform content and add/configure webform components all at once, within a single drag-and-drop interface
  • Webform form settings are integrated with Drupal 7's vertical tabs interface element
  • Automatic spam protection via Mollom

Note that some features available via the main Webform module are not yet available via this module's user interface.


This module contains bleeding-edge code; use it at your own risk! To use this module, you must also download the following projects:

To take advantage of the automatic spam protection, you should also download and install Mollom.

Currently, patches to some of the above modules are required in order to make this one work. You will need to check out the latest HEAD versions of the above required modules, and then follow the instructions in #1033462: How to get this module working (required patches). The patches are posted in the issue queue and undergoing the normal review process (many have already been committed, because quicksketch, who maintains these modules, is extremely diligent about reviewing and responding to issues in his module's queue - thank you!). We hope to get to the point soon where all the patches pass muster so that this module can be used without requiring any patches to other projects. In the meantime, you can also obtain a working version of this project by creating a Drupal Gardens site and exporting the site's code.


This module's primary purpose is integration of various other solutions (primarily Webform and Form Builder), so that it is able to contain several features the others cannot provide individually.

However, some of the changes introduced by this module could eventually be proposed as patches to Webform or Form Builder itself, if they prove to be successful improvements in their own right.

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