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Webfm attaching stuff to a node

The WebFM module presents a paradigm shift in file management for Drupal. This file manager is based on a hierarchical directory structure unlike the traditional flat filesystem used to date. WebFM uses AJAX to allow administrators to arrange files on the server in the same way they do with file managers on their personal systems. This ability to hierarchically arrange files improves the manageability of large collections of documents.


  • Application-like look and feel via AJAX
  • Permissions by role and file uid
  • Drag and drop moves of files and directories
  • Attachment of files to multiple nodes and/or comments - location independence allows dir restructuring to have no affect on attachment functionality
  • Drag and drop attachment ordering
  • Single file upload with version options for file overwrite
  • File delete/rename/view/download-file/add-to-db/remove-from-db/attach/detach/metadata/permissions
  • Directory create/rename/delete/add-files-to-db/add-files-recursive-to-db
  • Secure file view/download
  • Metadata editor (fixed fields at this time)
  • File search
  • Debug area for javascript development
  • Views support for WebFM attachments


Webfm 2.18

There were some access rights problems in the new version. We were a bit too strict.

Webfm 2.16

Usage statistics on 2.16-rc1 were up to over 200 and some bugs fixed with that release kept bewildering users so the 2.16 release is out now. For those of you that had problems with pathauto and webfm: This should be something worth trying.

Drupal 4 & 5 - no further support

Drupal 5 has reached end of life and thus there is no further support for webfm-5.x-xx


An awesome slide-show about webfm can be found here: #780214 (originally created by cgmonroe - Thank you!)

Webfm Statistics

If you need statistics on your webfm users check out this module: Web File Manager Statistics by Jeff Dowd


About future iterations of this module is being held in #592956: [discussion] Ground-up rewrite of WebFM.


This module was sponsored by Web Networks

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