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Wazala is an external-to-Drupal eCommerce solution for Drupal.

The Wazala service offers a low impact, easy method for web site owners and developers to include eCommerce in their Drupal sites, without the additional, often significant, effort other Drupal eCommerce solutions require.

Features of a Wazala store

  • Places a "store" button on your site which launches an overlay web application hosting your online store.
  • Optionally, the "store" may be embedded above your site header, or (soon) within a Drupal block.
  • Sell physical goods, or digital downloads.
  • Products may have multiple images, options, and price points.
  • Payment gateways such as Paypal, Google Checkout and are supported.
  • The overlay "store" web application sports multiple options & styles for product layout and store appearance.
  • The overlay "store" web application dims your site, similar to Lightbox, while a user shops.
  • Integrated inventory management.
  • A rich coupon and discount management interface.
  • A store management Dashboard at
  • Multilingual, currently supporting 15 languages.
  • Because your Wazala store is external to your Drupal site, the store can appear anywhere you can post the Wazala javascript that launches your store. If you have multiple Drupal, WP, or other sites, they can all host the same Wazala store.

Features of the Wazala module for Drupal

  • This module handles all the Wazala logic integration necessary to get your store up and operating in Drupal 6
  • Note that the "store owner" will still need to register at in order to get their Wazala account and merchant account created and linked so the store can process transactions.
  • Currently, the module supports two store "modes" - overlay and embedded.
  • Overlay places a tab with your store's name at the top of your site's pages. User clicks launch the store as an overlay on top of your site, like Lightbox.
  • Embeded places the store at the top of your site, pushing the site's header down. In the future, this mode's functionality is going to be changed so the store appears in a Drupal block, enabling you to control the store's appearance and placement as you would with any Drupal block.

Where to get help and learn more

This module was developed and is maintained by Blake Senftner (bsenftner) and co-maintained by Christefano (christefano). Developed at Droplabs, a Drupal event and coworking space in Downtown Los Angeles.


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