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Watershed Now is a Drupal distribution developed to support the common content management, social media, online advocacy, fundraising, and geo-mapping needs of conservation organizations.

Aug 22nd, 2010 Update: We've started posting our development on this installation profile on GitHub. We will post an alpha release on as soon as the code is stable enough for testing.

Sept 1st, 2010 Update: We've tagged our first release on GitHub. Check out v0.1 for testing. There's bugs, but it's "good enough" for us to start using it as the bread dough for client work.

Sept 6th, 2010 Update: A working demo of Watershed Now! can now be found at: This is a checkout of the "prototyping" branch in GitHub, using the included database dump rather than the installation profile.

Sept 20th, 2010 Update: Documentation of this project is moving to GitHub. For your convenience, feel free to file tickets here, but the internal development team will be primarily working with GitHub's wiki documentation and ticketing system.

Oct 17th, 2010 Update: We are gearing up for our first web-sprint training on Watershed Now in mid-November. Our first truly production-ready launch of the distro will be available on Nov 1st.

April 29, 2011 Update: We are planning our next Watershed Now "website sprint" for June at River Rally In advance of the sprint, we will be releasing a minor update with some bug fixes and new features. We will also be releasing (finally) a proper Make file.

This distribution is maintained by with active support from Water Words That Work and LevelOS. It is currently being developed in collaboration with River Network and Waterkeeper Alliance member organizations such as Yadkin Riverkeeper and the White Oak-New Riverkeeper.

Original theme concepts and all graphic design provided by Muscle + Bone.

The goal of this project is to allow conservation organizations to "boot up" an effective, easy-to-use content management system on an inexpensive (most often shared) host in minimal time. Through partnerships with international conservation support organizations, we hope to be able disseminate training materials and support services for this distribution at low costs. Though collaborative fundraising among organizations using the distro, we hope to be able to continue to grow the suite of tools provided with this release.

This release is still under active development. We hope to provide our first alpha production release of this distribution in late summer early fall 2010.

Issue Tracking and Documentation

Development tasks, feature requests, and technical bugs are tracked here on the D.O issue tracker. Wiki documentation of the distribution is maintained on GitHub.

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