This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Views Permission Per Node Settings


View Permission Per Node (VPPN) is a very simple access control module with relation to viewing content on a per-node basis.

Note: This module only deals with viewing nodes, it does not affect other op's (ie. create/delete/update).

There are a lot of access control modules, many of them are compared here.

This module only implements hook_node_access, so it should play fairly well with other access control modules.


  • Enable as usual,
  • Set permissions for users that can use and administer VPPN.


  • Navigate to admin/config/content/vppn and select the content types,
  • Create or edit a node with one of the types selected above,
  • There will be a new vertical tab named View Access,
  • Select the roles that will have view access to this node.


  • Roles with the bypass node access permission will not be listed,
  • Selecting no roles will skip using this module for access control,
  • Selecting even one role will enable this module for access control, and deny access to any users without one of the selected roles.

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