This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Visitor path module [visitorpath] tracks external referrer and onsite path information for visitors to your site (actually, extracts it from the Drupal core statistics module's accesslog table), including time on each page and an attempt at parsing what search keywords, if any, brought a person to your site.

Visitor path integrates with Webform module by automatically creating hidden webform fields for path tracking and search keyword information from the moment a user (anonymous or authenticated) enters your site to the point where they submit a form.

Specifically, Visitor path makes available for recording:

  • Entrance page title and URL (page on which a visitor first landed on your site)
  • Previous page title and URL (page on which a visitor was before recording this information, such as before submitting a form or reaching another conversion goal)
  • Conversion page title and URL (page on which recording ends, such as where a form is submitted and this path information is captured)
  • Full history (the page title, URL, and duration of time before moving to the next page for each step of the visitor's path through your site)
  • Source (URL that the visitor's browser reports as having been the source of sending the visitor to you – that is, the referrer aka referer, if any
  • Search keywords used to find your site, if any, if the source (referrer) is a search engine
  • Total time on site from entrance to conversion.

Visitorpath further and optionally helps integration with Salesforce via the salesforcewebform module by linking said hidden fields to Salesforce lead properties for every form if you save your custom field information at admin/settings/salesforcewebform precisely in the format My_Custom_Field__c|visitorpath_equivalent, where My_Custom_Field is a field you set up (or possibly a built-in Salesforce lead field), the thing in the middle is the pipe symbol, and visitorpath_equivalent is one of the following internal names for the information Visitor path collects for you:


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