Visistor Locations on a Google Map

The Visitor Info module captures the IP address of your website visitors and provides you with a Google Map pinpointing their originating geographic location.

The module also provides a block that lists all the information captured about your visitors.

As of November 15, 2010, is requiring an API key in order to do lookups.

The API key is free and only requires you to register by going to Once you register, simply activate your account by clicking the link you receive via email. You will find the needed API key on your account page.

Version 6.x-1.6 of Visitor Info now includes a text box on the configuration page (/admin/settings/visitorinfo) to paste in your API key.

Work is underway on a second version of this module (6.x-2.0) that will not require this API key. See below for more info.

The module works by utilizing the location_api.php to retrieve various pieces of information based upon an IP address. The originating city, state, and country are all captured as well as latitude and longitude. That information is then displayed on a Google Map.

The idea for this module came from The purpose is to show you on a map all the various places around the world that your visitors are coming from.

Now with Views integration!

As of version 6.x-1.5, Visitor Info data can be access by the Views module. More work will be done on this in the future, but it is currently very usable as it is.


  • If you have the GMap module installed, Visitor Info will use the Google API key if you already have it configured. Note: You must visit and click 'Save' in order to ensure that the API key settings are saved.

Version 6.x-2.0

Please note that a new version of Visitor Info is being written (6.x-2.0) that will no longer rely on but will utilize the APIs provided by the GeoIP API ( module.

This new version will cut down on all the network traffic as the IP to geo information lookup will happen locally, utilizing the MaxMind GeoLite City database.

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