This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Vinculum is a Drupal 7 replacement for pingback and trackback.
Version 7.x-2.x under development, contains support for Webmention.

Drupal 8 successor is Linkback, now under development. (Previous notes: #2687129: Plan for Drupal 8)

Merging the 2 modules into 1 solves the problem of supporting both protocols, but only wanting to register one pingback or trackback per URL when a node is saved.

The module will:
- support pingback and trackback
- register one pingback/trackback per node per link
- abstract actions when linkbacks are received: choose to create a comment, create a node, fire off a firework...
- provide integration points for anti-spam tools such as mollom

Is it ready for production use?

It's still in development and test coverage is sparse for some features. It's pretty close to API-freeze and db-structure-freeze: the public functions and table-structure aren't likely to change unless a significant serious issue is discovered which demands the change.
There are probably a few bugs and issues, so I'd suggest caution with production-use unless you're happy to deal with the occasional issue. Patches, tests, comments and support all welcome!
One test branch of 7.x-2.x is available here, check it out:

Why Vinculum?

Well, I was going to call it linkback but another developer bagged that name on before me, so dlandoncole suggested Vinculum: latin for a link in a chain (and coincidentally the heart of a Borg ship, which appealed to me!)

What's left to do?

- Integration with actions/rules
- Better test coverage
- Code review
- Anti-spam support (e.g. mollom integration)

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