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The Vimeotube input filter is based on the Googtube module by Keizo Gates that provides a simple input filter that converts URLs into embedded objects in a simple manner. When users post a URL to videos on the site, the URL is automatically converted to a video with the video's embed code.


  1. Download and install the vimeotube module (see Installing contributed modules for a more detailed explanation.)
  2. Enable the Vimeotube Module at Administer > Site building > Modules
  3. (Optional) Set the default width and height for Vimeo Videos processed by the filter at Administer > Configuration > Vimeotube Settings
  4. Go to Administer > Configuration > Input Formats and enable the filter in your desired input formats.
  5. Rearrange the filter weights on the input filters rearrange tab to resolve conflicts with other filters. After the HTML filter and before the URL filter is probably best.

For example, your Filtered HTML may look like this after being rearranged:

HTML Filter
vimeotube Filter
Line break converter
URL Filter
HTML Corrector

If you don't rearrange, you could end up with doubled videos.

Development sponsored by: Real Time Data

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