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The Browser UI

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Don't confuse your end users by asking them to paste embed codes or URLs into your website. Instead let them browse the videos visually and insert which ones they want by clicking on them. Now that's easy!


  • A CCK field which holds all the Vimeo video data.
  • A beautiful video browser which feels right at home to Vimeo users.
  • Copies high-resolution video thumbnails from Vimeo to your server for use with ImageCache.
  • Ability to control which Vimeo sources (users, groups, albums or channels) users can browse.
  • Ability to set which Vimeo source (user, group, album or channel) is loaded by default.
  • Ability to change how the player looks (will not override Vimeo Plus member's settings).
  • Ability to paste Vimeo video URL for quick inserts if needed.

Video Tutorials:



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A lot of time has been put into making this module as simple to use while looking beautiful. Donations are gladly accepted. Thanks

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