This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.


Views UI permissions lets you restrict access to users with the restricted views permissions to edit certain options in the views interface. Toggle the checkbox of any views option to enable access. Disabled automatically:

  • Views 1: enabling or disabling a page or block.
  • Access to any other views option (add, delete, clone, export, import and tools).


  • Download and enable the module at admin/build/modules. Dependencies are views and views ui of course.
  • Go to user permissions page and enable restricted views permissions to restrict a role. Important: This role doesn't need the administer views permission. A new 'Administer views' page is built by this module.
  • Go to admin/settings/views_ui_perm and toggle the checkboxes of views options you wish to enable on the edit form.
  • Install the theming override for the fieldset. The code is in README.txt.

Drupal 6

A drupal 6 version will never be released, just use Simpleviews.

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