This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This is an add-on for Views Slideshow to provide Ajax-based loading of slides. See for history & details.

My hope is that Ajax loading will become part of Views Slideshow in the future. As noted in, the Views Slideshow maintainer has said that he cannot add it at this time and that it must be a separate module until further notice. To facilitate the maintenance of the module, it was approved as a separate project by the Drupal admins.

When Ajax loading becomes part of Views Slideshow, this project will be deprecated.

Supports Ajax loading for:

  • Views Slideshow Singleframe
  • Basic autoplay mode.
  • Random order, various effects and transition settings.
  • Slideshow controls (beta).

Not currently supported:

See issue queue for details & status

  • Slideshow controls
  • Counter
  • Pager

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