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Sample of overridden pager labels and reversed placement

This module provides a simple, configurable Previous / Next pager element without all the cruft of a normal Views pager (page numbers, page count, etc). Labels are configurable (e.g. Newer / Older instead of Previous / Next) and the pager elements can be reversed from "normal" display order:

<< Previous ... Next >>
<< Next ... Previous >>

This module grew out of a few projects that I've had to implement theme overrides for this kind of behavior, which seems like a clunky way to go about it for a specific View, not to mention the logic for the pager then resides with the theme vs the View.

Alternative Modules

Some other D7 modules that offer customized paging solutions between nodes (which this module doesn't really address) that I'm aware of are:

If you know of others, please let me know and I'll add them to this list.

There are no plans to backport this to D6 or Views 2

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