This module implements a new Views cache plug-in that allows the output of single rows to be cached independently.

  • This makes it possible to re-use row cache even for authenticated users that are seeing different result sets. Since this is the primary use case this module was created for, no result caching is implemented.
  • The bits of markup that may vary per-user are rendered in the post render phase and replaced through placeholders. This way cache entries can be reused for any user, without needing user granularity for the cache entry identifiers.
  • Cache entry identifiers are based on an hash of the row content, this way no specific invalidation strategy is needed: as soon the row content changes a new id is computed. Cache entries can be purged by a cron run if an expiration time different from "Permanent" is configured.
  • Cache entry identifiers include the row base field value, so business-logic-specific invalidation strategies can be implemented on top of the generic system.
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