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This module allows site administrators or builders to have a different view mode for the first nodes of a view result.

If you ever had (or currently have) this scenario: you have a view of nodes but you want that the first node (or first X nodes) to have a different view mode, then this module is for you. The module can split the results from a view into 2 lists. It actually does not make 2 separate lists, it just uses a a different view mode to render the first X nodes from a view.

How this is done is by implementing a new views row plugin that extends the default Content row plugin from views, adds some new settings and overwrites some existing functionalities. Attached are some images from the backend interface. Basically, all you have to do is just to select the new row plugin and then change the settings to fit your needs.

For a live demo you can Visit the demo site.

For the Drupal 6 version, 6.x-1.0 works with Views 2 and 6.x-2.0 works with Views 3.

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