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Update: There is a mostly-working D7 version in git, but it's not an official release because I no longer can maintain it. If you need something for D7 and can't use this code I suggest as an alternative.

I am no longer able to maintain this module, if someone else would like to take it over I'd be glad to hand it over.

This module pulls together the techniques Jeff Eaton outlined in to automatically create a simple gallery where each gallery is a node with an embedded view of images that were assigned to that gallery. The module creates the content types, sets up the imagecache presets, creates the default gallery view that is embedded into the gallery nodes by Views Attach, and adds css to make it all look nice.

This technique also works well to create individual image galleries for Organic Groups, since the gallery and image content types can be configured as group nodes. Views Gallery OG, included in this package, provides a setup page to make it easy to automatically create a gallery for every group and adds group context to the forms wherever possible so the right groups and group galleries are pre-selected when you create gallery images.

This module is mostly a bit of glue around numerous other Drupal modules. It is a perfect example of something the Features module was designed to do, and it is being reworked as a Feature instead of using custom .install code. All new development will be on the Features version. The versions are:

  • The 6.1 branch is the original code, which does not use the Features module.
  • The 6.2 branch is the new code, which requires Features, Strongarm, and CTools.
  • See the README.txt for instructions about how to upgrade from 6.1 to 6.2.

This module is intended to be a lightweight gallery solution with a simple feature set that you can tweak using the CCK and Views UI and some custom css in your theme. If you want a robust gallery with advanced features, this is probably not the right module to use. If you need a quick and simple gallery solution built on modules you are likely to use elsewhere, this may be a good fit.

The following modules provide the nuts and bolts for this to work. It is a long list of modules, but there is little or nothing you need to do except make sure the latest versions of all these modules are available when you install Views Gallery and everything will be installed and configured for you.

After all the modules are installed, find the new, empty 'Gallery' node created by the module and start adding photos to it, or go to 'Create content' and choose to create a new 'Gallery'. The gallery nodes will have a 'Add new image' link on them, and images will have a link back to the gallery they belong to.

Required modules:

If the Lightbox2 module is enabled, a 'View Slideshow' link will be added to the gallery view, which will bring up a lightshow of the gallery images.

If the Views Slideshow module (version 6.2) is enabled, a Views Slideshow block is added to the default view.

This module was written by Lullabot and is sponsored and used by Buzzr.

Note: Image API requires a toolkit but won't enable one automatically. Don't forget to enable an image toolkit (ex. the ImageAPI GD2 module) or your photos may not display properly.

For those who came here after viewing Jeff's screencast: Note that we have changed some field and content type names from the original example and have added numerous other features. This module is an alternative to setting it all up manually from the screencast. Here the module sets things up for you using the same techniques. Don't do the steps in that video and then try to turn on this module, it will not work. This module is intended to be used on a site that does not already have these content types set up.

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